The Prayers of My Heart

I have a tough two weeks coming up. I need to finish editing a book before it heads to the final evaluation. That presents two problems: time and confidence. And each of those affects the other.

But last night I walked into the church service, the first one in several weeks due to travel and school events, and the Lord met me in the music. I was able to sing the prayers of my heart. Things like:

            Take my life and let it be, all for You and for Your glory,
            Take my life and let it be Yours


            I need you, Jesus
            I need clean hands, I can’t, You can,
            I need you, Jesus

Or even:

            In Your presence we find strength to face the day,
            In Your presence all our fears are washed away

I know I will walk a fine line over the next few days, balancing writing tasks, physical well-being, and others’ needs. But my prayer is that the Lord would manage those through me. That when each day is done, He would be glorified and I would be changed.  


Steena Holmes said...

I'll keep you in my prayers that everything will be balanced according to His plan ;)

D'Ann Mateer said...

Thanks, Steena! I appreciate that!