P31 Woman Magazine

I’m not really a magazine reader. Never really have been—except for Seventeen in high school. But just this week I got my first issue of P31 Woman in the mail. I received my subscription when I donated to P31 Ministries earlier this summer. I didn’t think much about the magazine part. As I said, I’m not really into that.

But I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a small magazine. Just about 15 pages, 6 short articles and some ministry news. And I loved it! I loved that the articles were short and to the point. And that each one hit on a very day-to-day issue with a very practical application to consider or implement in my own life.

So now I have something new to look forward to each month. And maybe next time I can savor the issue instead of devouring it as fast as a pan of fresh baked brownies!


Just Plain Tired said...

Did you say brownies? I know here, that would have been a quick read as well with the brownie thought in my head. :)

SY said...

I bet if we took all the ads out of a bigger magazine it would contain about 6 articles... ok there would be a lot more

Anne Mateer said...

Yes, brownies. A pan disappeared over here on Sunday, but in my defense, I had less than my husband and my teenaged sons!

I agree, SY. Ads take up the majority of most magazines. You almost can't find the articles!