A Pat on the Back Goes a Long Way

I’ll admit it— I used to do a lot of things looking for that pat on the back, someone to notice and validate me. Several years ago, I let that go as I realized the only approval or notice I needed was from the Lord. But not looking for a pat on the back doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel good when it comes. In fact, I think it makes the affirmation and encouragement all the sweeter. 

So I’ll say thank you to my friend Lori, who I met at our local writers group, who encouraged me this week with a pat on the back for my blog: 

I think this is one of those “blog awards” that goes round and round and though I am supposed to pass it along (you know, kind of like those old chain letters!), the blogs I tend to frequent have already received this many times over. So instead I’ll say thank you to Lori for her friendship in person and online. And how fun to recently realize we had a completely random non-writer friend in common! I love how the Lord connects us in those ways. Check out Lori’s blog at: http://www.lafreeland.com/the-blog


Mrs White said...

I'm fairly new at blogging...but I received what you mentioned today and it felt awesome. A pat on the back from a complete stranger who read my blog. I started my blog for my colleagues, etc who had interest in my story but allowed my blog to be public. I've always wanted to be a writer so I guess this is the next best thing. Besides, I have lots to say about how God has been truly blessing me. I hope to also be able to slowly share where I was and how I got to where I am...because I truly believe that we are not here for our own purpose but for that of the Lord. Our stories and not to be private, but to be shared for others to know just how good God is.
I too have learned that the only approval I need is from the Lord...to seek him first. Since then, blessings have rained on me and I am thankful.

Mrs White

Chemdiah said...

Great job! I definitely think you deserved it!!(: Encouragement can go a long way!

Anne Mateer said...

Good for you, Mrs. White! Blogging is a great way to "be a writer" and to impact other people's lives! So glad you've found an avenue to tell your story and what God has done and is doing in your life!

Chemdiah, you sweet thing! I should have commented on your introvert post--it was great!--but I was in a hurry that day and just reading through stuff. I so enjoy your blog!