I never would have thought he could pull it off.

Friday night, I walked in my house after a dinner-and-bookstore date to find a slew of family and friends and two tables full of food! Happy 40th Birthday to me! (I hope to post a picture or two very soon.)

My husband and kids, mom and sisters did an awesome job. No one slipped once. I had absolutely no idea! I was speechless!

Then, when I thought it couldn’t get any better, my darling husband surprised me with a trip to New York City!! This coming weekend!! Oh my!! We went 6 ½ years ago and had a great time—in fact that may have been the last time we went away alone! He even pre-brought tickets for a couple of musicals so we wouldn’t have to freeze in the TKTS line!

So I’m off to find another warm sweater (my Texas winter wardrobe won’t quite cut it), a new purse, and a comfy, warm pair of shoes. And come Thursday, we’re on our way. I love my husband!

I think 40 is going to be great.


Heather said...

aren't surprises fun?
and new york city! i'm jealous. which shows?

Cherryl said...

you deserve it, enjoy and yes 40 is (in my case was) fun!!