150 Quick Questions to Get Your Kids Talking by Mary DeMuth

My friend Mary DeMuth is not only a very talented writer, she is also an awesome cook and facilitator of conversations. She has used these strengths to create a family dinner table that is much more than just a meal. It is a deepening of relationships. And now some of her methods have been captured into a helpful new book: 150 Quick Questions to Get Your Kids Talking.

This a small book, in length and in stature, which makes it perfect for the family who wants to keep it near the dinner table and use a question or two per mealtime, as the DeMuth family does. Or it’s just the right size to tuck in a glove compartment or other nook of a car if you are a family often on the go to your kids activities, such as we always were. But no matter when, no matter where, these questions will help your family get talking. And when talking—and listening—commences, families grow closer. They understand each other better.

I highly recommend this book for a jumping off place in deepening your relationship with your children.


Wendy Paine Miller said...

My oldest daughter just turned nine so I'm thinking this would be a great read.
~ Wendy

Anne Mateer said...

I think it would be great, Wendy. What I love about this book is that these aren't questions an author just threw down on the page. These are ones that have been used for years around her dinner table.

karachi girl said...

looks like a great book! wish i could get it here in Pakistan.