For Valentine's Day

When I thought about posting on Valentine's Day, I just kept thinking of this scene from Holiday Inn (1942). Here is Bing Crosby singing "Be Careful, It's My Heart" while Fred Astaire dances with Bing's girl. It's a sad/sweet song. Bing's voice delightful. The dancing is wonderful. But I think my favorite part is the snow coming down outside the windows and the two dancers posed in silhouette behind the paper heart.



Karen Witemeyer said...

OK, Anne. We have something else in common. I love classic films, especially musicals. The first time I saw Holiday Inn was with my sister-in-law at Christmas over a decade ago. My best friend in high school got me hooked on Audrey Hepburn movies while we were still teens, and I've always adored any musical with Judy Garland. Bing, of course, is my favorite crooner of all time.

Thanks for the stroll (or dance) down memory lane.

See you next week!

Anne Mateer said...

I'm so glad to keep finding things in common with you, Karen! Can't wait until next week!

C. Alvarez said...

I have always loved the older films. TMC is a must have for any home and should be used/watched often.

Today's films are great for their technicality, but you will never beat older films for acting and pure talent.

Anne Mateer said...

Oh, C. TCM is my favorite channel! So many good old movies. I think my favorite movie decade is the 1940s. So many great actors and actresses!

Iren said...
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