Gone All Apple

I’ve gone completely Apple.

We bought our first iMac in 2006--for the kids. Hubby gave me my white macbook for our anniversary in 2007. In 2009 our daughter bought a macbook pro to take to college. Then my husband dove in with a macbook pro as well. We gave up our blackberries for iphones--my husband first, me holding out much longer. And this summer our son bought his macbook pro for college.

After seeing the new Lion features on my son’s computer, I decided we all needed to upgrade, which has been no big deal for hubby and daughter but requires a bit more for my laptop (needs more RAM) and the desktop computer (still running Tiger). In the meantime, my son waffled on what word processing program to get for college (He’s cheap. He didn’t want to pay for Microsoft Office.), and I got my first look at Pages.

Love. At. First. Sight.

When we bought the first mac, I’d heard Pages was harder to use. Not compatible with Word. Etc, etc. So we didn’t even consider it. I don’t know if I heard wrong or if improvements have been made, but after one look at the current version, I made the switch.

Hello, iWork. Goodbye, Office. Now if I can just get my memory upgraded so Lion will install . . .


Marji Laine said...

I just saw that Apple bought out Barnes and Noble! Anticipating all sorts of doors opening between the technologies!

Anne Mateer said...

Wow! That would be an interesting partnership!

JennyKay said...

I have a macbook and I use open office for Mac - word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software - best of all it's free and compatible with everything. Love it. Good for the cheep guys

Anne Mateer said...

I've heard of OpenOffice, JennyKay. I'll let him know!