I Promised PIctures!

I'm not a great photographer. In fact, most of the time I forget to take pictures! But here are a few of my favorites from our trip. I never imagined I'd enjoy it so much!

Water Lilies at Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens in Grand Cayman

Pedro St. James in Grand Cayman

View from Pedro St. James

Good Hope Plantation in Jamaica

View out the front door of Good Hope plantation house

Our ship at the Pier in Ocho Rios, Jamaica


Labadee, Haiti


Two happy, rested people! :)


Wendy Paine Miller said...

Oh my wow! Next time I'd be happy to carry your suitcases & come along. ;)

~ Wendy

Richard Mabry said...

Anne, great pictures. I envy you all, and am glad you had this opportunity. Welcome back, and thanks for sharing.

Anne Mateer said...

If we do this again, Wendy, we'll be recruiting friends to come along! So much more fun that way.

Thanks, Doc. We would never have taken the plunge if it hadn't also been a business trip for hubby. But now that we have, I imagine we'll find a way to do it again!

Marji Laine - Faith-Driven Fiction said...

Beautiful! So glad you took them!

Chemdiah said...

That looks amazing (: Was it your first cruise? My grandma took me on a cruise to Alaska for a graduation gift! It was probably the most amazing week of my life. I absolutely love cruises! (:

Anne Mateer said...

Thanks, Marji! I really am terrible at remembering to take pictures. And I should have taken more with other people in them. Sigh.

Yes, this was our first cruise, Chemdiah! I'm sure you had a blast on yours. My sister's family and my parents have done the Alaska one. How wonderful of your grandma to take you for your graduation. I know you made special memories with her. :)