Since my daughter has started cooking up a storm, I’ve decided I have to find time to exercise (because she is an awesome cook and I’d hurt her feelings if I didn’t eat!) So every morning now I get on this HeathRider thing I inherited from my grandmother and turn on a Tivoed episode of the Waltons.

I’ve always loved the Waltons, but in this time of writing discouragement it’s been really meaningful. John Boy struggles with his dreams of being a published writer just like I do. I can so relate to his feelings, to his frustrations. And yet rather than giving me fodder for further discouragement, I leave my exercise session inspired, eager to sit in my office and see words fill my computer screen, to work toward the fulfillment of my God-inspired dream—for myself, for my family, for readers and writers everywhere.

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L.L. Barkat said...

John Boy as writing inspiration...

Now there's something to freewrite about. (Guaranteed to dissipate any writer's block?)

Sorry to hear you've been feeling down about your writing.