Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy

Heads up! I’m giving away a copy of this book! Read on for details. 

I met Patti Lacy in cyberspace a couple of years ago. Though published, I learned she had signed a contract with Bethany House right after I did. Then I read one of her books, The Rhythm of Secrets, and was blown away by the emotional punch it packed. Last month, I finally got to hug her neck in person at the ACFW conference!

Needless to say, I’ve been very excited about her new book, Reclaiming Lily. The premise had me hooked the moment I read it. A daughter adopted from China, straddling two cultures that have collide in an out-of-control teenager. The Chinese sister she’s never known now a doctor in the US with family medical history that is a ticking time bomb. A perfect recipe for drama.

What surprised me about the book was that I expected  the American family to be center stage. But Reclaiming Lily is truly Kai’s story. I found myself enthralled with her history through the cultural revolution in China. How it changed and shaped her. How it propelled her into the conflict in which she finds herself in the story. Of course we learn about the adoptive family, too, but I found myself glad that Kai carried the story because I was fascinated by her thought processes and her history. In the end, they all felt like family. 

Obviously I’m not going to give the story away, but suffice it to say I enjoyed the journey. Patti’s tag line for her fiction is Spanning Seas and Secrets. Reclaiming Lily does exactly that. 

I happened to get two copies of this book, so I’m giving away one. (It’s contemporary fiction, in case you didn’t pick that up.) Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered in the random drawing. You have through Friday, October 21, to comment for a chance to win!


patti lacy said...

Ooh, how exciting! A giveaway at this great blog!
Praise God that you connected with Reclaiming Lily!!!


Jo said...

This book sounds so interesting. I would love to win it. Thank you for the opportunity!


mountain mama said...

oh, i love a good giveaway! sign me up! :)


Sandee61 said...

Hi...I'm not s blogger, but reading is a passion of mine so thought I'd take a chance at winning Patti's book. I really like her writing and characters. Reclaiming Lily looks like a wonderful read. Thank you for the entry. I'm enjoying your blog and look forward to reading your book, Wings of a Dream also. I love Christian based books...so inspiring.

Have a blessed day,


Anne Mateer said...

Hey y'all! So glad you stopped by! I'm happy to enter you in the drawing for Patti's book.

patti lacy said...

Jo, waving at ya! LOVE your interest in my books!

Mountain Mama, singing "Country Roads" and wondering if that's where you got your moniker!!

Sandee, thank you! I appreciate your support, going WAY back!!!

Anne, thanks for the time I get to camp out here!!!

carla stewart said...

I loved this book, too! Patti is such a dear writer and friend. I endorsed this lovely book, so no entry for me. Just dropping in to say hi and share in the mutual admiration!

Anonymous said...

Hi again, to Patti. And hello for the first time to the rest of you. I met Patti at the Green Lake Christian Writers Conference where she told about her "Irishwoman" and I have my autographed copy. Next book, "Bayou" is autographed also. Wish you'd come back to Wisconsin, Patti. Not just to autograph "Rhythm" but even better to hug and talk.
Anne, please put me in the drawing.
P.S. I'm computer-challenged. Don't have a Google Account, and don't understand the alternatives.

Anonymous said...

whee!!! I think I have a name now.

Hi, Patti.

I'm apparently still a number ;-(

actually, my AOL name is deetjew

Catherine West said...

I can't wait to read this!! Please enter me!

Catherine West said...

Ooops. cathwest@logic.bm

Anne Mateer said...

So happy to have so many commenters to choose from! Thanks, y'all!

Heather said...

Add me to the random drawing. I love stories like this!

charlie said...

I have read some of Patti's books and would love to read Reclaiming Lily. I have friends who have adopted from China and I would love to see it from a Christian aspect. Please enter me in the random drawing! God bless you both!

Debs Desk said...

I would love a chance to read this book. Please include me in your giveaway.

Anne Mateer said...

The one who wins will not be sorry! I'm taking entries through Friday!

Andrea Strong said...

Blogger ate my nice comment. I'm too tired to type all that again.

Anne~ Please enter me. I've heard lovely things about this book.

andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

by Pegg Thomas said...

Sounds like a good read, thanks for entering me.
twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

Julia M. Reffner said...

Adoption is a passion of mine I hope God will fulfill someday. Please enter me.


lorlyn63 said...

I have never read any of Patti's books, but this one sounds very good and one I would enjoy reading. Please sign me up for your give away and thank you for the opportunity!


patti lacy said...

Carla, thanks for stopping by! I'm humbled by your support!

Deetje, wish we were sitting by the Green Lake rather than in cyberspace!!!

Cathy, waving across the ocean! Hope you can "see!"

Anne, thanks for spearheading the whole shebang!

Heather, praise God that you love stories like this!!! Very cool!

Charlie, thanks for trying out my earlier books. Can't wait to hear your take on "Lily!"

Debs, great to connect here! I just know there's a cool story behind your screen name!!!

Andrea, Those nasty byte-gobbling computers!!! Still, you typed "lovely things." Thanks!!

Pegg, I hope you try it out!

Julia, three of my four books plunge the depths, scale the heights of adoption issues. I so hope you connect!

Lori, well, girl, it's time for you to get started! Maybe "Reclaiming Lily" will be the first and you will work backward to "An Irishwoman's Tale!"

Pamela J said...

I know for a fact that not only does Patti's books move the reader to the core, but they don't come away from her books without their core being changed by the story.

I look forward to reading Reclaiming Lily. Thanks for the drawing and adding my name to it.

Pam Williams
cepjwms (at) wb4me (dot) com

Allison said...

Sounds like a very interesting read, especially about the cultural revolution in China. Please throw my name in the hat. Thanks so much!

allisonmoyer (at) yahoo (dot) com

KP said...

Thanks for offering a chance to win this book. I spent fifteen years in central WI. It is an area which has seen a tremendous influx of refugees from Thailand. Assimilation into US culture is sought by the younger generation and resisted by the elders, causing tremendous conflict. Sounds like an incredible story.

patti lacy said...

Pam, great to see you here. Thanks for the plug as well!!!!

Allison, you NAILED the snippet of history that grabbed my mind and wouldn't let go! I do so hope this book grabs YOU!

KP, oh, wow. Would I EVER like to hear how/if you connect. I am fascinated by the Thai culture, which I highlighted in my last book, "The Rhythm of Secrets." Yep, I'm always spanning seas and secrets!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne! I would love to read this book! My sister has a special passion for China, and I'd love to give it to her...right after I read it. *wink*

Thank you for entering my name in the drawing. I loved Wings of a Dream and look forward to your book signing on Friday. :)


patti lacy said...

Jana, I'm going to turn you in to the Pre-Read POLICE:)

I too loved Wings of a Dream and am so glad you will be at Anne's signing! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Anne Mateer said...

Jana! I can't wait to see you on Friday! :)

B. Haire said...

I found your blog through the Bethany House website. Reclaiming Lily is now on my list of must reads...right after Wings of a Dream, of course!

Anne Mateer said...

Aren't you sweet, B! So glad you found us today! :)

patti lacy said...

B. Haire, now wait a minute. I win both the alphabetical (Lacy, Mateer) and elders first rule re these reads. Definitely move "Reclaiming Lily" to the top of your stack:)

Anne, I believe you have an undo influence on B. Haire! STOP IT!

Steve Finnell said...

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