True Romance

A couple of months ago I got on the schedule for a great blog that highlights stories of true life romances-- mostly from authors. Then on the last morning of the ACFW conference, I sat beside a sweet lady at breakfast. We got to talking, and guess what? Yep. It's her blog! It was so fun to meet Shannon Vannatter, author of Christian romance novels and blogger.

So, if you want to hear a little more about my true life romance, hop on over to Shannon's blog. Today (Wednesday) will be the story of how I met my husband. Then on Friday will be the most romantic thing he ever did for me. C'mon. You know you want to know! Oh--and there will be a drawing for Wings of a Dream, so leave a comment! See you there!


Stacy Henrie said...

Your book sounds exactly something I'd like to read! :) Love the WWI time period. (I've written one book set then and am half way through writing another). There aren't a lot of books on it or the Spanish Influenza and I think it's such a fascinating time period that we need more fiction set then.

Anne Mateer said...

I agree, Stacy! It's a relatively unexplored time period in fiction. My second book is set in 1916 and my third in 1910, so you can see that I love this era! Glad you stopped by today.